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Welcome to the Halogen lamps department where you can still find classic lamps in energy class C and D.
Halogen lamps are unsurpassed in terms of brightness : they can create perfect contrasts and illuminate spaces with a clear and bright ambient light.
As you know, halogen lamps are running out and our stocks are limited (Regulation (EC) 244/2009)
Here you can still find Philips E27 teardrop lamps and special lamps with E14, Ba15D, G4, Gy6.35 and R7s sockets.

Why choose
halogen lamps?
The wide choice of attacks , sizes and shapes of the lamps allows you to always choose the best solution for your needs. Halogen lamps are fully dimmable and provide warm, high quality light and are fully dimmable to adjust the amount of light needed.

They reach maximum brilliance immediately, with no warm-up times.

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Lampadina Alogena E27 70W Resa 92W Goccia Trasparente Luce Calda

Halogen Bulb E27 70W Output 92W Transparent Drop Warm Light

€3.90 EUR €3.50 EUR
💡 Intense Brightness: 1177 lumens for brilliantly lit environments 🌟 Energy Efficiency: Consumption of 70W with output of 92W 🎚️ Dimmable: Customize the intensity for any occasion 💧 Elegant Design: Drop shape for homogeneous diffusion of light 🔒 Limited Stock: Exclusive availability for a single purchase
Lampada Alogena E27 105W Goccia resa 140W Dimmerabile 1900 Lumen

Halogen lamp E27 105W Drop yield 1600 Lumen Dimmable

€4.50 EUR €3.59 EUR
💡 Intense Brightness: 1600 lumens for brightly lit environments 🌟 Energy Efficiency: Consumption of 105W with output of 140W 🎚️ Dimmable: Customize the intensity for any occasion 💧 Elegant Design: Drop shape for homogeneous diffusion of light 🔒 Limited Stock: Exclusive availability for a single purchase
LAMPADINA attacco piccolo E14 25W 24V bassa tensione per basculanti lampeggianti forma peretta

E14 24V 25W bulb for Peretta overhead lights

€4.90 EUR €4.49 EUR
🛠 INDUSTRIAL DURABILITY - E14 24V 25W bulbs; robust construction with reinforced glass, ideal for heavy-duty applications in industrial contexts and DIY professionals 💡 EFFECTIVE AND LONG-LASTING LIGHTING - Dimmable bulbs, measures 57 x 26 mm, 2900K warm light; Extended lifespan of 2000 hours, providing consistent, high-quality lighting 🔌 VERSATILITY AND EASY INSTALLATION - Designed for 24V AC/DC, these bulbs are the perfect choice for electricians and maintenance workers, compatible with faac gate flashing lights and other low voltage devices 🛡 SAFETY AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY - Complies with CEI EN 60061-1; guarantees safety in working environments and optimal energy efficiency for intensive use ⚙️ SPECIFIC USE AND PROFESSIONAL QUALITY - Not suitable for domestic use and do not work at 12V or 220V; designed to withstand harsh working conditions and guarantee reliable performance

Halogen bulb 12V 14W = 20W G4 3000°K 350 Lumen 30X10mm

€2.00 EUR €1.50 EUR
G4 halogen bulb 12v 20w lumen 350 12V 14W G4 halogen bulb, 20W output , stands out for its efficiency and versatility. Designed to suit a wide range of home...
Lampadina Alogena r7s 78mm 250W Lineare basso Consumo


€4.90 EUR €3.90 EUR
✅ Dimmable: Dimmable linear halogen bulb, use a halogen dimmer to connect these bulbs. ✅ Easy to Install: Bulb with 78 mm R7S socket. The 250W J78 R7S halogen bulbs are very thin with a diameter of approximately 8/9mm. ✅ High Color Rendering: CRI: 100Ra, 360° beam angle, 3900lm, warm white light 2900K. Halogen bulb power 250W average lifespan of 2000 hours. ✅ Application: Widely used for indoor or outdoor, work and security lights, workshop lighting, garage, storage room, stage and studio lamp, general lighting. ✅ High Quality: Eco-friendly, CE and RoHS approved, lead and mercury free, no UV or IR radiation.
Lampadina r7s Alogena Lineare 230W resa 300W 118mm Dimmerabile

r7s Linear Halogen bulb 230W yield 300W 118mm Dimmable

€3.90 EUR €2.89 EUR
💡 Impressive Power: It offers 230W of power with an extraordinary light output of 300W, ensuring exceptional brightness 🌙 Dimmable: It is fully dimmable, allowing you to adjust the light intensity to your liking, from a bright light to a soft, cozy light 🌿 Energy Efficiency: This bulb is classified in energy class C, reducing energy consumption by 20% compared to standard halogen lamps, without compromising brightness 🌍 Sustainable: Complies with European regulations on reducing energy consumption, contributing to environmental sustainability 🛠️ Easy to Install: The lamp is designed for quick and easy installation, without complications 📏 Optimal Length: With a length of 117mm, it fits perfectly with various types of lighting fixtures 🎚️ Dimmer Compatible: Works with any type of dimmer, giving you maximum flexibility in lighting your home
Lampadina a Tortiglione Chiara Alogena E14 18W = 23W Philips

Light Twisted Light Bulb Halogen E14 18W = 23W Philips

€3.62 EUR
Transparent Tortiglione olive bulb E14 18W = 23W Philips Halogen bulb, twisted sphere shape, small attack E14 18W of consumption. The yield of the halogen bulb is 23 W with 204 lumens of...
E14 150W Tubular Halogen Lamp 2870 Lumen Dimmable

E14 150W Tubular Halogen Lamp 2870 Lumen Dimmable

€19.90 EUR €14.99 EUR
🔆 Unrivaled Brightness - 2870 lumens for a clear and bright light E14 150W 🎛️ Complete Control - Adjustable intensity for each environment via light dimmers 🏠 Versatile Design - Ideal for narrow spaces with optimized dimensions 🔥 Resistant Materials - Reinforced ceramic base for high durability
LAMPADINA ALOGENA BISPINA 24V 50W GY6.35 3000°K 950 LUMEN usi speciali

Bi-Plug Halogen Bulb 24V 50W GY6.35 3000°K

€6.90 EUR €5.30 EUR
✅ High Industrial Quality: This kit includes 2 double-plug halogen bulbs designed for industrial use. The bulbs are reinforced for exceptional durability. ✅Power and Versatility: With a power of 50W and GY6.35 socket, these bulbs work at 24V AC. Ideal for industrial machinery, they offer a bright 3000K warm light ✅ Light Intensity Adjustment: Totally dimmable, these bulbs adapt to your lighting needs. Ideal for custom industrial applications. ✅ Long-lasting Reliability: Made with reinforced glass and UV-STOP rating, these bulbs offer reliable light output and last up to 2000 hours. Compliant with CEI EN 60061-1 standards.
PAR56 300W 12V Halogen Pool Lamp

PAR56 300W 12V Halogen Pool Lamp

€35.00 EUR €28.90 EUR
💡 Powerful and safe lighting - The lamp offers 300W of power with a voltage of 12V, ensuring bright light without compromising safety 🏊 Ideal for every swimming pool - Perfect for residential and public swimming pools, with a luminous flux of 5000 lm which ensures optimal visibility in every environment 🎨 Adds elegance and style - The color temperature of 2950K creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, enhancing the aesthetics of the pool 🔧 Patron brand reliability - Produced by Patron, known for the quality and durability of its products, ensuring consistent performance over time 🛡️ Safety Guaranteed - Operates on a low voltage of 12V, reducing the risk of electrical accidents, and requires a transformer for proper operation
Lampadina Alogena Tubolare E27 205W resa 250W 3320 lumen

Tubular Halogen Lamp E27 205W output 250W 3320 lumen

€25.00 EUR €20.00 EUR
💡 High Brightness: 3320 lumens for bright and clear lighting 🌞 Dimmable: Intensity adjustment to adapt to any environment 🏠 Versatile: Ideal for floor lamps, lamps and valuable appliques 🔥 Durability: Reinforced ceramic base resistant to high temperatures 📦 Exclusivity: Limited availability, a unique opportunity

Halogen lamp r7s 78mm 60W output 75W 980 Lumen

€4.90 EUR €3.85 EUR
💡 Discreet and clear lighting - With 980 lumens, this R7S halogen bulb offers an intense and bright light 🌟 Light intensity control - Fully dimmable, allows you to adjust the brightness to create the desired atmosphere ⚙️ Compact and functional design - The short linear shape (78mm) fits perfectly into many home and professional applications 🔄 High light output and clarity - Designed to create perfect contrasts and illuminate spaces with clear ambient light 🔧 Reliability and Compatibility - Easy to install in any R7S lamp holder, ensuring consistent and reliable performance
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