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Are you an experienced professional or a DIY enthusiast? We have the perfect solution for you! Our wide range of tools includes digital testers , multimeters , current clamps, infrared thermometers and more. Every tool in our collection stands for reliability, precision and ease of use.

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Termometro Infrarossi Digitale con Puntatore

Digital Infrared Thermometer with Pointer

€45.00 EUR €36.16 EUR
🌡️ The emblem of accuracy and speed: Our infrared thermometer with pointer is synonymous with precise and fast measurements. 🔴 13-point laser pointer: Thanks to the positioning laser, you can measure the surface temperature without contact in less than 500ms 🌡️ Extended reading range: Covers temperatures from -50°C to 580°C, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from oil and gas to textiles 💡 Backlit LCD display: The display ensures clear readings even in low light conditions 🔴 Built-in Laser Pointer: The pointer helps you aim precisely 🎛️ Adjustable emissivity: This feature makes it suitable for objects of different materials 🌡️ Unit Conversion: You can choose between °C and °F for your readings 🔋 Safe and efficient: Runs on 2 1.5V AAA batteries, it is lightweight and compact, with a low battery alarm and automatic shut-off function to save energy 🛡️ Reliable in every situation: The infrared thermometer is your ally for obtaining precise measurements in a safe and practical way
Multimetro Digitale Professionale 600V Tensione Frequenza Resistenza Capacità

Professional Digital Multimeter 600V Voltage Frequency Resistance Capacity

€45.00 EUR €39.78 EUR
🎯 Maximum Precision: The Professional Digital Multimeter guarantees precise measurements for reliable results ⚡ Versatility and Reliability: This multifunctional tool is ideal for electronics professionals, electricians and technicians thanks to its versatility and reliability 🛡️ Overload Protection: Automatically recognizes DC/AC voltage and offers reliable protection from overloads up to 250V 🚫 NCV Safety: Non-contact AC voltage (NCV) detection ensures safe operations 🌟 Ease of Use: The high-definition LCD display, analog bar and buzzer make it easy to interpret results 📏 Compact and Portable: With dimensions similar to a smartphone and powered by two AAA batteries, it is convenient to carry anywhere 🕒 Energy Saving: Marks and saves measurement data, and the multimeter automatically turns off after 15 minutes of inactivity 🧰 Essential Tool: This multimeter is an indispensable ally for those seeking precision in measurements