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LAMPADINA attacco piccolo E14 25W 24V bassa tensione per basculanti lampeggianti forma peretta

E14 24V 25W bulb for Peretta overhead lights

€4.90 EUR €4.49 EUR
🛠 INDUSTRIAL DURABILITY - E14 24V 25W bulbs; robust construction with reinforced glass, ideal for heavy-duty applications in industrial contexts and DIY professionals 💡 EFFECTIVE AND LONG-LASTING LIGHTING - Dimmable bulbs, measures 57 x 26 mm, 2900K warm light; Extended lifespan of 2000 hours, providing consistent, high-quality lighting 🔌 VERSATILITY AND EASY INSTALLATION - Designed for 24V AC/DC, these bulbs are the perfect choice for electricians and maintenance workers, compatible with faac gate flashing lights and other low voltage devices 🛡 SAFETY AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY - Complies with CEI EN 60061-1; guarantees safety in working environments and optimal energy efficiency for intensive use ⚙️ SPECIFIC USE AND PROFESSIONAL QUALITY - Not suitable for domestic use and do not work at 12V or 220V; designed to withstand harsh working conditions and guarantee reliable performance
Presa USB Vimar Idea Tipo C da Muro 5V 3A 18W Carica Rapida Compatibile Vimar 16368 Grigio

Vimar Idea Type C USB Wall Socket 5V 3A 18W Fast Charge Compatible Vimar 16368 Gray

€33.00 EUR €24.99 EUR
👇 USB C SOCKET: 1 module compatible USB socket for Vimar Idea 16368 🌟 POWER DELIVERY: The usb socket supplies 5V at 3A 18W with fast charge PD Power Delivery technology 💡 SOLUTION: ideal for headboards, offices, hotels, restaurants, you can mount it wherever you want 🔋 INSTALLATION: Easy assembly, you need to connect the 220V cables to the module. Maximum section 1.5mm
Kit lamps led Bourgie Kartell iba olive E14 5W DIMMABLE warm light

Kit lamps led Bourgie Kartell iba olive E14 5W DIMMABLE warm light

€29.90 EUR €19.90 EUR
🌟 BOURGIE KIT: Compatible dimmable led bulb kit for Kartell's Bourgie 💡 OLIVE 4W 2700K - Over 500 LUMEN 40W output, 4W dimmable light source with 2700K warm light 👇 DIMMER: The bulb kit is compatible with most dimmer dimmers for halogen and led 🔋 LONG LIFE: Claimed life of 20,000 hours with over 10,000 ignition cycles 💦 IP20 PROTECTION: suitable for indoor use
Frutto rj45 UTP cat.6 compatibile vimar idea 16359.6 presa modulare 8 poli connessione a crimpare senza attrezzi, colore nero

Frutto rj45 UTP cat.6 compatible vimar idea 16359.6 modular socket 8 poles crimp connection without tools, black color

€13.90 EUR €6.89 EUR
🚀 Vimar Idea Cat.6A Black RJ45 socket for effortless installation and exceptional network performance 🛠️ Effortless High Performance: Tool-free crimp connection for easy installation 🔮 The Future is Now: Support for Cat.6A UTP standards for a connection ready for digital challenges 🌟 Italian Quality at an Affordable Price: Produced by ONIROVIEW for affordable high quality components 🏡 Choose the Best for Your Network: A compact and stress-free solution for modern buildings
Presa HDMI Vimar Plana Compatibile 14346 Giunto Femmina Femmina Colore Bianco

Bticino Luna Compatible Hdmi Socket Female Female Junction Wall White

€9.99 EUR €6.99 EUR
✅ 1 port HDMI wall connection socket ✅ 1080p FULL HD and HDTV up to 4K (2160p) for TV, video projector, receiver, video game console ✅ Compatible for white Vimar Plana series ✅ HDMI female female junction
Matix HDMI Presa Compatibile Bticino AM4284 Giunto Femmina Femmina 1 Modulo

Matix HDMI Socket Compatible Bticino AM4284 Joint Female Female 1 Module

€17.90 EUR €7.90 EUR
✅ 1 port HDMI wall connection socket ✅ 1080p FULL HD and HDTV up to 4K (2160p) for TV, projector, receiver, game console ✅ Compatible for Bticino white Matix series ✅ Female hdmi female junction
Prese RJ45 Vimar Idea CAT.6A Compatibile UTP 8 poli Connessione a Crimpare Senza Attrezzi, Nero

Vimar Idea CAT.6A RJ45 sockets UTP compatible 8 poles Crimp connection without tools, black

€13.99 EUR €6.80 EUR
Vimar Idea Cat.6a toolless RJ45 socket RJ45 vimar idea ethernet UTP sockets compatible with Vimar Idea series 8 poles Cat.6A with tool-free crimp connection. Insert for Vimar Idea black colour....
Batteria di ricambio per lampade d'emergenza Beghelli 3,6V 1800mA, tubolare, nicd 3aa - Oniroview

Replacement Battery for Beghelli Emergency Lamps 3.6V 900mA, Tubular, nicd 3AA

€13.90 EUR €9.99 EUR
3.6V NICD emergency lamp battery with solder contacts Enjoy hours of safe light with the Beghelli 3.6V 900mA replacement battery for emergency lights ! This is a replacement battery pack...
Presa RJ45 Vimar Plana FTP Cat.6A Compatibile Collegamento Senza Attrezzi, Bianca

Bticino Living FTP Compatible RJ45 Socket Cat.6A Shielded Insert Black Color

€15.99 EUR €7.99 EUR
✅ Shielded RJ45 FTP Lan socket compatible with Living Light series ✅ Manual crimp connection without the use of tools ✅ Insert for black civil series compatible for 503 cockpits
Presa SC per Fibra Ottica Bussola Compatibile per Bticino Living Light L4268SC Antracite

SC Socket for Fiber Optic Compass Compatible for Bticino Living Light L4268SC Anthracite

€9.90 EUR €7.90 EUR
SC socket for compatible fiber optic connectors for Living Light civil series SC SC optical socket (socket) for civil series compatible with Living Light Bticino L4268SC, modular duplex coupling sockets...
LAMPADINA ALOGENA BISPINA 24V 50W GY6.35 3000°K 950 LUMEN usi speciali

Bi-Plug Halogen Bulb 24V 50W GY6.35 3000°K

€6.90 EUR €5.30 EUR
✅ High Industrial Quality: This kit includes 2 double-plug halogen bulbs designed for industrial use. The bulbs are reinforced for exceptional durability. ✅Power and Versatility: With a power of 50W and GY6.35 socket, these bulbs work at 24V AC. Ideal for industrial machinery, they offer a bright 3000K warm light ✅ Light Intensity Adjustment: Totally dimmable, these bulbs adapt to your lighting needs. Ideal for custom industrial applications. ✅ Long-lasting Reliability: Made with reinforced glass and UV-STOP rating, these bulbs offer reliable light output and last up to 2000 hours. Compliant with CEI EN 60061-1 standards.
Pinza crimpatrice professionale in acciaio per lan ethernet RJ45 con tecnologia passante idonea per plug CAT.5e, CAT.6 e CAT.7

Professional Steel Crimping Pliers for RJ45 Ethernet Lan with Through Technology Suitable for CAT.5e, CAT.6 and CAT.7 plugs

€39.00 EUR €28.99 EUR
✅ TYPE - Professional crimping tool with feed-through technology compatible with 8P8C RJ45 Cat 7, Cat 6a, Cat 6, Cat 5e, Cat 5 modular plug ✅ MATERIAL - Crimping pliers, robust, non-slip, ergonomic and made of steel. The compact design combined with excellent ergonomics make the crimping action simple, error-free. The pressing action reduces hand fatigue ✅ PACKAGE CONTENTS - 15 rj45 cat.5e pass-through plugs, the practical case and a cross screwdriver ✅ ADVANTAGES - The pass-through technology simplifies the crimping phase thus making the procedure quicker by minimizing wiring errors, the pliers crimp the plug and cut the excess wires ✅ CHOICE BY AMAZON - Product among the Best Sellers on the amazon.it website, you can find it here at a special price!
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