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Luce Notturna ed Emergenza LED Ricaricabile con Sensore - Autonomia 3-4 Ore

Rechargeable LED Night and Emergency Light with Sensor - Autonomy 3-4 Hours

€7.90 EUR €6.38 EUR
💡 Power at Your Fingertips - Powered directly from the 220V mains for instant lighting 🔆 High Brightness LED - 10 high brightness LEDs provide powerful and uniform light 🔋 Rechargeable Battery - 3.7V 600 mAh Li-Ion battery for 3-4 hours of autonomy in emergency mode. 🌧️ Safe Use - Complies with safety standards, ideal for use indoors 🌙 Night and Emergency Mode - Easily switch between night lighting and emergency mode with a simple switch
Lampada Emergenza Portatile a LED: Autonomia 15 Ore - Soluzione Affidabile per Black-out

Portable LED Emergency Lamp: 15 Hour Autonomy - Reliable Solution for Black-outs

€24.90 EUR €21.29 EUR
🌟 Reliable Emergency Lighting - An automatic light in the event of a blackout, ensuring peace of mind 💡 Versatile Lamp and Spotlight Modes - Choose between lamp or spotlight modes for lighting that suits every situation 🔋 Powerful and Durable - 6V 4.5Ah rechargeable battery for 15 hours of autonomy in spotlight mode 🌍 Energy Efficient - Highly energy efficient LED with luminous flux up to 350 Lm 🧳 Convenient and Compact - Compact dimensions (260x70x145 mm) and light weight for easy transport anywhere
Lampade a Filamento Led Globo E27 12W Luce Naturale 125mm

LED Filament Lamps Globo E27 15W Natural Light 125mm

€12.90 EUR €10.08 EUR
125mm 15W globe filament LED lamps The Globo E27 15W Natural Light 125mm LED Filament Lamp represents a perfect fusion between classic design and modern technology, offering an efficient and...
Lampadina Globo Led Filemento E27 12W 1750 Lumen D. 95mm 2700K

Globe LED Filemento bulb E27 12W 1750 Lumen D. 95mm 2700K

€11.90 EUR €10.55 EUR
🌟 GLOBO 95mm: Transparent E27 LED bulb with a clean, minimal but modern design, 💡 CONSUMPTION 15W: Light output of 1750 lumens equal to an old 120W bulb 🛠️ Investing in quality light bulbs means not only improving the visual appearance of environments, but also reducing maintenance and frequent replacements 🔋 LONG DURATION: Declared life of 20,000 hours 💦 IP20 PROTECTION: suitable for indoor use
Lampadina Led a Filamento E14 6W 700 Lumen Sfera Trasparente 2700K

Led Filament Bulb E14 6W 700 Lumen Transparent Sphere 2700K

€5.90 EUR €4.23 EUR
E14 6W transparent glass led filament bulb LED filament bulb small E14 all glass 6W with 2700K warm light, small sphere shape with 45mm diameter. Filament led bulb finally able...
Lampadina Fiamma Colpo di Vento Led E14 4W Smerigliata Luce Calda 2700K

Bulb Flame Gust of Wind Led E14 4W Frosted Warm Light 2700K

€4.90 EUR €3.67 EUR
Led E14 4W Frosted Wind Bulb Led filament lamp olive shape frosted wind blow small E14 4W all glass with warm light 2700K. Blow of wind in frosted glass that...
Alimentatore 12V 1A stabilizzato stagno IP67 12W per videosorveglianza per pozzetto 503

12V 1A stabilized IP67 12W power supply for video surveillance for cockpit 503, white color

€9.90 EUR €9.24 EUR
12V stabilized power supply 1A waterproof IP67 power 12W , constant voltage suitable for applications such as video surveillance , powering LED strips and lighting in general and small electronic...
Lampade Led R7S 118mm 8W 900 Lumen Luce Calda

Led lamp r7s 16W 118mm high power 2200 lumen warm light 3000K

€14.90 EUR €8.99 EUR
High power r7s led lamp that finally replaces the old linear halogen lamps, consumption of 16W for a yield of 140W. Thanks to the new LED technology, the shape of...
Impianto Fotovoltaico a Isola 50W Kit con Regolatore di Carica Lampadine e Accessori

Photovoltaic System 15W - 12V - Kit with Charge Controller and Led Lamps

€300.00 EUR €269.00 EUR
Island photovoltaic kit with regulator and led lamp The KIT15-SB is a photovoltaic system particularly suitable for illuminating light points or small accessories with reduced absorption in areas isolated from...
Lampada Ricaricabile da Tavolo Parete Pinza Led Nera

Rechargeable Table Wall Lamp Clamp LED Black

€55.00 EUR €42.21 EUR
🔋 Cordless Freedom - Built-in rechargeable battery allows up to 16 hours of continuous lighting, eliminating the dependence on electrical outlets 💡 Customizable Lighting - Luminous flux adjustment between 100%, 50% and 10% to adapt to various atmospheres and needs 🛠️ Flexible Installation - Includes accessories such as clips and fixing plate for versatile mounting as a table lamp, wall lamp or clamp 🧲 Innovative Magnetic Design - Magnetic joints offer exceptional maneuverability, allowing you to orient the lamp easily and precisely 🔌 Convenient Charging - USB Type-C port for quick and convenient charging from compatible devices such as power banks, PCs or USB adapters
Lampadine Led Globo E27 12W 1800 Lumen Luce Naturale 4000K D.125mm

LED Globe Bulbs E27 12W 1800 Lumen Natural Light 4000K D.125mm

€15.90 EUR €11.85 EUR
💡 Stable and intense brightness of 1800 lumens for uniform lighting 🏡 Elegant design with opaque glass and dimensions of D.125mm, perfect for any environment ☀️ 4000K color temperature for natural and comfortable light ⏳ Exceptional lifespan of 25,000 hours, minimizing the need for replacements 🔌 Energy efficient with only 12W consumption, equivalent to 120W lamps
Lampada Notturna Led Portatile Dimmerabile e CCT

Dimmable and CCT Portable LED Night Lamp

€22.98 EUR €17.96 EUR
🔋 Long-lasting Battery: Autonomy from 8 to 40 hours depending on brightness settings ✨ Intuitive Functionality: Simple control with ON/OFF button and touch adjustment for temperature and intensity 🎨 Modern and Resistant Design: Elegant aesthetics in ABS and PC, measures Ø90x100 mm and weight of 148 g 🚀 Portable for Any Occasion: Easy to carry in your suitcase or bag, ideal for travel and children's rooms 💡 Versatile Lighting: Choice of warm, natural or cold light with dimmable function for every need
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